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Best Load Boards for Truck Drivers and Carriers in 2024

In the dynamic world of logistics, load boards play a crucial role in connecting carriers and shippers. As we step into 2024, several load boards have emerged as the top load boards for truck drivers and carrier services, offering a variety of features to streamline operations and maximize profits. In this blog, we will learn about load boards and what the top load boards are for truckers and carrier services.

What is a load board? How do I access them?

A load board, also known as a freight board, is an online marketplace that facilitates the meeting of shippers and carrier services. Shippers post details about their loads, including destination, type of goods, and pickup time, while carriers search for loads that match their capacity, location, and schedule.

These platforms are designed to increase efficiency in the shipping industry by helping carriers avoid returning empty or partially filled loads. They also provide a platform for shippers to find reliable carriers without incurring brokerage expenses.

Load boards can be accessed via a website, software platform, or social media platform, and they often include features such as advanced search options, fuel price calculators, and integration with transportation management systems. They are a vital tool in the freight and trucking industry, helping everyone from fleet owners and carriers to logistics brokers and shippers.

What are the different types of load boards?

Load boards are essential tools in freight transportation. They come in different types, including free, paid, LTL, or traditional loads. Free boards are accessible to anyone, while paid ones offer more features and less competition. Let us now see each one in detail.

Traditional Load Board: This is the classic platform where shippers and brokers post loads. Truckers search for loads that match their truck type and route. It’s like a marketplace where you find loads, negotiate rates, and secure jobs.

LTL (less than truckload) Load Board: This is for shipments that don’t need a full truck. If you have extra space in your truck, you can pick up LTL loads. It’s a great way to maximize your earnings and reduce empty miles.

Free Load Board: As the name suggests, these boards are free to use. They may have fewer features and more competition, but they’re a good starting point for new truckers or those on a tight budget.

Paid Load Board: These boards charge a fee but offer premium features like credit reports, load alerts, and route planning tools. They typically have less competition, making it easier to find profitable loads.

How do I find loads as a trucker?

As a trucker, securing a load involves several steps. Initially, you need to register with a reliable load board, a platform where shippers list loads for truckers. Once you have registered, you need to regularly monitor the board for new postings. Negotiate rates with the shipper or broker, ensuring it covers your costs and leaves a profit. Once confirmed, you can deliver the load and submit your proof of delivery to receive payment. Here are the top load boards for truckers that you can use:

  • DAT One
  • Direct Logistics Services
  • 123 Load Board
  • Truckstop.com
  • Truck Smarter
  • Amazon Relay

Each platform has its strengths and caters to different needs, so it’s better to check out them and see which best suits your requirements.


Load boards for truckers will be vital tools for truck drivers and carriers in 2024. Accessing them involves registration and setting up alerts for preferred loads. Top platforms like DAT One, Direct Freight Services, 123 Load Board, Truckstop.com, Truck Smarter, and Amazon Relay offer a wide range of services catering to the different needs of the logistic company. It makes the process of finding loads efficient and profitable. You can choose the one that suits your needs the best!!

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